Flair Bartending World Record

What do a hot air-balloon, a flair bartender, a skydiver and a bar have in common? Yet another crazy high altitude record.

There is always the question of whether to fly or not, but January has been good to us. It has offered us good weather conditions, hence the possibility of lifting our hot-air balloon and executing another two Guinness World Records.

After the SUSPENDED TREADMILL RUN we did not have time to celebrate our success because two days after, on 20th January, we were back on the field doing what we do best, incredible events.

We had challenged Valentin Luca, two times world champion at flair bartending, to make us alcohol free beverages at 2000 metres high and to our surprise he accepted our invitation in no time. 

We had previously built a special bar which we anchored on our platform together with two bar chairs. We lifted off at 10:30 a.m. after all procedures had been followed and our special guest had been instructed. We always make sure our guests are safe and feel safe. The success of such an attempt depends on well executed procedures, but also on the courage of our visitor. 

The team had experienced the wonders of the flight two days before, but for our world champion bartender it was something completely new and his enthusiasm was accordingly. His only worry was whether or not he would be able to flair with his hands frozen. That’s such a professional thought.

In order to better understand how cold it is up there I need to tell you a few words about the temperature gradient. When travelling up, the temperature drops with 6.5 degrees Celsius every 1000 metres. On the ground that day, the temperature had been – 5℃ so, at 2000 metres the temperature was around -18℃, sometimes even less because the balloon constantly moves.

Once on the platform, Valentin started flaring and preparing our beverages while we sat at the bar admiring his skills and his ability to be in control in such a harsh, but splendid environment.

We had our drinks, took some incredible photos together and we took the dive leaving Valentin on the platform to enjoy the view until it was the time for him to return back up in the basket.

Valentin showed his enthusiasm and courage from the moment we met till he got back on the ground again. We thank him for the show and for keeping us hydrated at 2000 metres.

We salute you, Valentin Luca!

On February 20th we will post our second world record on our website and on all of our social media.

Be sure to check it out! It’s unique!