Freezing cold at 35 degrees Celsius

One of the effects of losing almost 80 kilos was that for one long year I felt cold all the time, no matter the temperature outside. This was one of the most intriguing sensations I have ever felt in my life. 

How is this possible? Well, when you lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time all sorts of body temperature fluctuations happen. 

This phenomenon has two causes, the loss of insulation and the production of less energy. The body breaks down food, and produces energy which is allocated to all body functions, but it also converts some as heat. 

Eighty kilos of fat acted like a highly efficient insulator, it was like wearing a really thick coat for years and got accustomed to it, but once I took it off, I started feeling cold. It wasn’t only the weight loss, my metabolism was changing also. The metabolic cell processes weren’t working as hard as when I was 140 kilos. A heavier body is harder to move so, much more heat is generated compared to a lighter body. My rapidly losing weight caught off guard my body functions. I was eating far fewer calories than before, therefore converting less energy to heat. 

The human body possesses an internal thermostat with two functions, sweating and shivering, two well-tuned mechanisms for regulating temperature. But when an imbalance happens, such as losing or gaining an important amount of weight, the brain needs time to catch up with the change.

I remember sitting on the beach all dressed up, at 35 degrees Celsius, together with my family and I was the only one freezing cold.

This weird sensation followed me for approximately one year and even though I understood what was happening from a rational standpoint, it was really confusing at times, like being in a dream where all contradictions are possible.

In my quest to get rid of shivering and goosebumps, warm baths and hot showers became my favorite activities, and sweaters and warm blankets became my very close friends.

Fifteen months after my gastric bypass, my weight stabilized and the body temperature regulated. Of course sports helped ameliorating this constant sensation of cold.

So for you out there pursuing the idea of having a gastric bypass, get informed as much as you can, don’t get caught off guard. You should know every aspect of the intervention, pre and post surgery protocols and recovery. Being in control can guarantee the desired outcome.

Stay healthy, stay warm!

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